Transcription in english of the interview that @Winchesterlair did to Sebastian at Paris Con, The Apocalypses, 2012.

Sebastian’s interview at Paris Con, The Apocalypses 2012.

All the credit to @Winchesterlair. (This is a transcription in English of the interview they did to Sebastian in Paris)

You can find the vid of the interview with the english subs in their tumblr!

Winchesterlair : Do you often come to France?

Sebastian : Yes. Two or three times a year. It depends on the year. Lately, I’ve been coming more often to visit my parents.

WL : Which places of France do you prefer?

S : I prefer… well, I really like the south-west, as my parents live there. But I love so many places. The Aude, the Var… The Riviera, Corsica… They’re beautiful. There are so many magnificent places. The Massif Central, the Vosges, the Alps… Brittany…

WL : When you come to visit, can you walk around without being disturbed?

S : Absolutely. I’m not that famous. People think recognize me, but they don’t throw themselves at me. In the US they’re more aggressive. Here, it’s more like… they smile and look at you, but they don’t come to you. It depends. It happened right in front of the hotel, the guy thought I was Gordon Ramsay. No. He asked for a picture. It’s always very nice. There are no paparazzi. No frenzy like for Brad Pitt or Jennifer Lopez.

WL :What’s your drem project?

S : My dream project? You mean in the movies? My dream project would be to… I wrote a few scripts. I wrote one lately that I’d really like to do. It’s a true story that happened in Africa when I was doing a documentary in Sudan. In South Sudan. North Africa. I’d like to do this project. And I’d really like to work with great directors like… in France, Jacques Audiard. I’d do anything to work with him. Great directors like Paul Thomas Anderson. Scorsese, of course.

WL : Do you have some advice for those who’d want to follow your footsteps as an actor?

S : Yes. You need to have… you really really need to have faith. When you’re an actor, don’t do it half set. You have to believe in yourself. Even if it gets tough sometimes, you absolutely have to believe in your ability, in your talent. Even if you suck. Obviously, you also have to work. You can’t work on you talent. I believe it’s innate. Really believe in yourself. That’s what you go on.

WL : In almost all of your guest spots, you’re asked to speak…

S : All of my what?

WL : Your guest spots on TV.

S : Right, sorry.

WL : You’re asked to speak another language. Is that a generality? To offer you roles for that?

S : Actually, most people… Sometimes I audition, sometimes I’m offered a role. Because people know it’s eases for me to speak different languages. It’s something that… I was raised bilingually, French/English, then I learned Spanish and Italian. And when you’re bilingual, it’s really easy to reproduce sounds and languages. I play a lot of german guys. A lot of Russian guys. I just shot a movie where I play a French man, who speaks English with French accent. Which I can do, when I speaks English it’s with a british accent. I’m really good with accents. It’s easy for me. I have good ear.

WL : A lot of fans tend to name you “The 10.000 shows actor”. Can you tell us on which stage you were the most at ease?

S : The most at ease… Usually I’m pretty comfortable. But of course, I’d say Supernatural. Really. Where I have been? Fringe was great too. Not as super relaxed, so really Supernatural. I’ve also done a kind of US soap, General Hospital. I was really comfortable, because they were adorable with me. I didn’t stay for long. And The Vampire Diaries too, because I knew most of the actors. It’s mostly depends on the role. If I’m really comfortable with the role, if the role speaks to me, I’m already at when I come. Yes. The last three show I did. Even in Criminal Minds. But it was a bit different. It wasn’t as… challenging for me.

WL : The thing you remember the most about a stage? And on which show?

S : What I remember the most… Lately, I’ve done a movie. It’s called Wer. In was in Romania for six weeks. Well, five weeks. The shooting was really intense. What really stood out is that there was a lot of improvisation. It was really interesting to work this way. Without a safety net. Feeling like you can always create something. It was a really intense and physical shooting. But really interesting.

WL : According to you, what’s the most crucial thing about filming?

S : On what level?

WL : Human.

S : The most essential thing, I believe in… It depends on the director and on the crew. The producers, and of course, the other actors. Filming is a whole. The director sets the mood. I don’t really like to work with jerks. I’d rather be… I don’t believe in directors that are horrible to their actors. By the way, I heard a George Clooney interview where he said “I don’t work with bastards. I’m not interesting in working painfully. I think creativity comes when you’re feeling good on the set” I completely agree with this. On certain occasions, in the theater, I worked with real assholes. And it led to nothing. I find working in simplicity and serenity is much more pleasant.

WL : If you could come back in a show in which your character died, which one would you choose?

S : Well, the last two character I loved, I already talked about. I loved Balthazar, and I thought it was a shame that he died so soon. I would have liked to show another side to Balthazar. When I do the panels, I play the character of Sebastian. He’s completely mad and sexiess. No, not sexiess, the contrary. So, I’d like to show something else. A more profound side. It’s too bad. It let me a little frustrated. And it’s the same thing for the character of Mikael, in The Vampire Diaries, I was really frustrated. Because I thought there was a bigger story to tell. With Klaus first, my stepson, and my other children as well. I thought this was a very interesting family tale. This dynamic could have been great. But who knows? You’re never really dead on show like these. I’d really like to come back to those two characters.

WL : About Supernatural, do you watch the show every week?

S : No. It’s very difficult for me. I don’t watch that much TV. It sounds strange. I like to watch movies. It’s difficult for me to keep up. I have a lot of trouble to do so. I’ve never really followed a TV show.

WL : So, you haven’t seen the finale.

S : No, I haven’t. I would have liked to. To see what happens. But I was told.

WL : And can you guess which direction the show could take in season 8?

S : I think I can.

W L : What’s your theory?

S : I think Crowley will be back as a very important character. It’s obvious Castiel and Jensen won’t stay in Purgatory. It’s obvious, especially Jensen. I don’t know what’ll happen with Misha but maybe the angels will have their revenge. Who knows? Maybe he’ll ask some other angels for help…

WL : If you had played the Trickster, what kind of illusion would you have cast on Sam and Dean?

S :  An illusion?

WL : Yes.

S : What could I have done…

WL : To drive them crazy.

S : Read their minds. That’s not an illusion?

WL : No, it’s not.

S : What illusion did he do?

WL : He was in a hospital with Sam and Dean… The Grey’s Anatomy parody. Right, in the TV world.

S : For a parody, I would have liked a swashbuckling movie. Something like that, something goofy. Or a cartoon. A fake cartoon. That would have been funny.

WL : Do you have some funny anecdotes left about the set?

S : No, I’ve pretty much told them all. I remember a very dramatic scene at the end… right before I died. I come to… Jim Beaver… what’s his name? Bobby’s Lair! I come to see Jensen. I had a very dramatic scene with him. And at the same time, Jared’s hands were going up to… those are very funny moments. And I didn’t mind them at all. We all got along so well, it wasn’t a problem. Had it been on another set, it could… it could have pissed me off. But absolutely not. We’re so relaxed and chilled together. And Bob Singer is great too. He directed that episode. He’s really cool about that. That’s what I like. Working in a fun mood and serenity. It’s good. It brings the best performances.

WL : Last question. Do you something go to social networks and forum boards to read what is said about you?

S : Sometimes, but I don’t really like to. It’s a bit too “what are you saying about me?” Sometimes I do, on Twitter. Mostly on Twitter. I follow people. I like to wish Happy Birthday. And I could answer to all the fans, but I’ve never have the time. If people ask me “can you reply?” I don’t. Not individually. Unless they want to RT something about a good cause. For this, I’ll do it. And I’ll put something on Twitter saying “here’s what’s going on”. That’s what I follow. Sometimes, other networks, but if you keep looking at yourself it becomes… Because they mostly say good things about us. Most the time. And that’s great, it’s really flattering. But we become a bit too obsessed about ourselves. I try to keep some humor about myself.

WL : Thank you very much.

S : You’re welcome.


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