Fan report from #AECON3 2012. Credit @AnnaCantare

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Credit @AnnaCantare

So here is my little report from AECON 3. I hope you like it and you can forgive me my mistakes! My english is not that good. HAVE FUN!!!

My weekend at Bobby’s

My weekend started very, very, very early at Friday morning around 5 o’clock. After packing the rest of my stuff, I got into the car and started my little road trip to BAD WILDUNGEN, a little town somewhere in the nowhere. It took me about 4 hours to get there and after I got my room in this… let’s call it “inn”…I went to the Maritim Hotel to register for the convention. I immediately met Stephanie, my partner in crime for the convention, and we started with registration and buying photos. We even got a ticket for the Meet & Greet later this evening. I was very happy about that. But at the same time… Meet & Greet. With all actors. Tonight. In a few hours. OMG I WASN’T MENTALLY PREPARED FOR THIS!!! So I ran to my room, changed my clothes and ran back again to have dinner. After that Stephanie and I were sitting in the restaurant when suddenly some people of the ROGUE staff came by. And then a bus came. Right in front of us. And guess who’s coming out of it?! RIGHT! Matt, Sebastian, Mark² and co. passed us, so we were the first who saw them.

After the first shock and excitement we went to the Meet & Greet. We sat at a table with total strangers. The first actor who came to us was Steven Williams, better known as RUUUUFUUUUUS TUUURNEEEER! Boy. That guy is crazy. But funny. He asked us to write the producers of Supernatural, so that we find out, what the hell happened in Omaha. Then Carrie Ann Fleming aka Karen Singer came by. She was really sweet and absolutely gorgeous. She told us, that her and Jim’s daughter have both the same names: Madeleine Rose. After that, we had the pleasure to welcome Matt “The Biceps” Cohen at our table. He was really funny and sweet. I asked him, if he could do some karaoke (although I knew that that wasn’t going to happen). He explained that he just can do the karaoke thing with Richard, but I should do karaoke. So he told me to sing something for him, and I did. I didn’t expect that. But he didn’t expect that I’m a singer. So he was really surprised about that. I told him, that I’m going to be a music teacher. That’s when Suzy, the PA of Matt, came and told me, that she is a music teacher too. But after all I still wanted Matt to do the karaoke. Suzy then said, that I was Richard in disguise. So Matt asked me: “If you are really Richard, then you can answer the following question: What underwear am I wearing?”. I answered the most obvious thing: “No underwear.” Matt’s face froze and he shouted at me: “RICHARD?! IT’S YOUUUU?” So, as you can see, we had a lot of fun with Matt.

And then. Finally. HE came. The most crazy actor of them all. SEBASTIAN ROCHÉ. He sat down and started greeting everybody at the table. When he looked at me, he stopped, and said: “I KNOW YOU FROM ROME!” Oh. My. Bloody. Hell. What have I done in Rome that he remembers?! I felt something like that in this moment. I even had to cover my face with my hands. And then he made fun of me because I did that. But he was still very sweet. And handsome. And funny. And he wore a “We were PORN to be alive” button. Thumbs up! We (and I mean he and me, the others didn’t talk…) started talking about the Rome con (tight leotard, Porn to be alive…) and he called me a “con veteran”, because he thought I already was at a lot of cons. I told him that Rome was actually my first con. And then he remembered that I sang “My heart will go on” at the photo ops in Rome, when a girl made the world famous pose from Titanic (awkward!). And he remembered that I asked him a lot of stuff… (but it was actually not that much!). He told us also something about his new movie “Wer”, what the movie is about, who the producers are etc. Suddenly I remembered that my good friend Eva said once on Twitter that she would like to “play Odyssey 5 with Seb”. So I told him. Sebastian knows her as well and he was very amused by that. He told us a little bit more about Odyssey 5 when suddenly one table (Mark Pellegrino was there) started screaming. Of course we had to do it as well. Sebastian told us also that a girl from the last table didn’t listen to him, because she was looking all the time at the biceps of Matt, and Seb was very sad, that nobody was looking at his biceps. So he started to kiss his arms, so that his biceps got some attention. All in all, I have to say, that Sebastian was amazing at the M&G. When the time was over, he said goodbye to me and went to the next table.

The next actor was Mark Sheppard. He came to our table, said hello, sat down, took his phone and started playing with it. And I just thought: That’s not very polite…. Playing with the phone at the M&G. But then he showed us his phone and he had opened the pic of him and Jim Beaver kissing. We all laughed our butt off; Mark was just smiling like Crowley. We talked a little bit about his character and the future of Crowley. He said over and over again, that we actually didn’t know if Crowley is really a demon…Ok, let’s think about it… his eyes didn’t turn… he is helping the Winchesters… I couldn’t help but make the conclusion: “OMG, IS CROWLEY GOOOOD???” Mark laughed and said: “He thinks he is God.”
After Mark number 1 left us, Mark number 2 aka Mark Pellegrino came to us. He said that it’s not easy to talk with the people, when Mark Sheppard aka “The King of Hell” was just before him at the table. We talked about his character and other actors who played Lucifer in different movies.
Then it was Misha’s turn, but he wasn’t there because his flight was delayed (SAD! SAD! SAD!). In the place of Misha on of the Rogue staff members sat down at our table: FLASH. He was very cool. Especially his hairdo: Business in the front, party in the back (well, the name “Ash” is in his name, so we didn’t wonder)!

After Flash left our table, the unbelievably cute, handsome and talented Jason Manns came to us. I talked with him about his music, when he started singing and playing guitar. Last but not least, Jim Beaver came. He told us about his road trip through Europe and some funny stories he made.

Then the M&G was over (ohhhh noooo!). After it there was a party in the panel room, but it was so loud, that we couldn’t talk with each other. So Stephanie and I went down the corridor and guess who we are meeting? Jim! He was standing outside again, just like in Rome, and was talking to some fans. After talking with him about half an hour, we decided to get inside in the bar. But there was no space for all the people. So Jim decided that we just sit on the floor. Now please imagine: A crowded bar. About 15 people are coming in. Jim Beaver in the front. Sitting in a circle on the floor. Laughing. Making pictures with him. For 2 hours. It was great. We taught him words in German (“Klugscheißer” = smartass) and had a lot of fun.

After I got back in my room, I wrote Matt on Twitter: “I had to sing for @mattcohen4real at the M&G…that was quite an honor! :)” The next morning he wrote me back: “You gonna be a great teacher”. He wrote me back! Ahhhh! Matt Cohen!!! That was really sweet of him.

Saturday. 6 o’clock in the morning. Wake up. Get ready. Off to the con hotel. I went to Stephanie’s room to get her, and when we were going to the panel room we saw, that the bus with the actors came. So we waited in the hallway (What a coincidence that we were there when the actors came ;)). Jim Beaver was in the front and he greeted us with “Guten Morgen! Wie geht’s?”. The others went by and then came Sebastian. He said “Good morning” to us and then he realized that it was me, so he turned to me and said one extra “Good morning darling” to me (OMG I’m dying!!!).
The convention morning started with safety announcements of Doug, who made the moderation of the event. And then. The perfect way to start your day (I’m rhyming…). Sebastian’s panel. He came into the room, and waited on the side of the stage. But then Doug wasn’t fast enough for him, so he just went up on stage and the fun began. He imitated all the cast of Supernatural, controlled the screams of the audience by moving his butt to the left and the right. He danced, he sang, he even was jogging on stage. He talked about touching Misha’s butt, the difference between the sets of SPN and TVD and of course about Celine Dion being a man (“YOUUUUUU’RE HEEEERE, THERE’S NOOOOOOTHING I FEEEAAAR!!!!!”). He tried to say some German words like “Servus”, “ausschlafen” und “Kartoffelsuppe”. He promised that if he reaches 100.000 followers on Twitter he will do something very special for his fans (naughty, naughty, naughty!). He talked about his work in Bucharest and the erotic massages there. And he said that every time he reads all the “Sebastian I love you”-tweets on Twitter he has his “special time” (eye twinkling…). All in all: It was a perfect panel!!!

After Sebastian’s naughty wake up call, we got into the queue for the photo op with him. When it was my turn, I told him that I had two pictures with him. His answer was: “Of course you do!” with a perfect smile on his face. One big hug photo and then the kiss-on-the-cheek-photo. I was sooo happy! The rest of the forenoon we spent with making the photo ops with Matt and collecting the autographs from Misha and Sebastian. When we got back in the panel room, we still could see a little bit of the Matt’s and Carrie’s panel. Carrie looked fabulous! Both were very sweet.

In the lunch break we could watch the first two episodes of Supernatural. Then it was time for Misha’s panel. He was very sweet and cute and handsome and…Misha! In the middle of his panel he wanted to do an auction for the GISHWHES license plate, which was signed by all actors. Suddenly the girl, who was first in the line for questions, screamed “1000!”. Misha was very happy that somebody bid 1000 dollar for the license plate (he donated the money to his Random Acts project). Just before he closed the auction, the girl said: “Just kidding.” Ooops. Bad. Really bad. Misha was very pissed and in the first moment he didn’t know how to react on that. But he started the auction again (this time for real). After he closed the auction he said to the girl, that she can’t bid in an auction and then say “just kidding”. As if that were not enough, the girl still wanted to ask her question. So she did. Misha started to answer the question, when suddenly he stopped and said “just kidding”. The girl never got an answer. That was really disrespectful of her. The whole project is very important to Misha. That’s not something you can make fun of!!!

After Misha’s panel we saw also the panels of Steven, Mark Sheppard and Mark Pellegrino. Then we had to go to the Misha photo op and to Matt for the autograph, where he said to me: “Did you see I wrote you on Twitter?!”

They closed the first convention day with a spontaneous closing ceremony, where all the actors and Jason Manns came on stage again. The answered again some questions. One girl came to the microphone and said “Sebastian, du geile Sau!” (Google translator, your best friend!) and that Jim should translate it for him. Sebastian was very amused by that, because he thought that it was something dirty. But not only Sebastian made us scream. Also Jim Beaver made with a short “Klugscheißer” all the people scream.

In the evening there was the concert of Jason. And it was soooo great again! It was very emotional when he started singing “Hallelujah”. We danced and sang with him. But just Mark Pellegrino came to watch the concert (we all hoped that they all would come….). After getting another CD, an autograph and a high 5 from Jason, I went back to my room. Perfect day.

The Sunday morning started even earlier. Wake up call at 5.30. Packing my stuff again, because I decided to drive after the con to my best friend. After checking out I ran to the con hotel. Around 7 o’clock Stephanie and I had breakfast, after which we ran to the main hall, to get a good seat. It was the day of the Misha/Sebastian panel. After we reserved some seats we went to the double photo op with Sebastian and Misha. I was so nervous. I didn’t know why. When it was my turn, I just said that the can do whatever they want. I was so scared that the pictures could be strange, but I had that fear for no reason. The picture is soooo great!! After that we went to the Coffee Lounge with Sebastian. The Coffee Lounge is 1 actor + ca. 20 people for about 30 minutes in one room. Sebastian came in, sat down and the Coffee Lounge started (yeeeeees that’s sooooo cool!!!). He drank tea with a little bit of milk and he started talking. Then he wanted to know if there are any questions and – of course – I did (but it wasn’t actually my question, it was Eva’s question!!!). He started laughing when I raised my hand and he said: “I already thought that you have a question!”. So I asked him, if he had to learn sign language for episode 6 of Odyssey 5. He told us, that he learned it for the show, and that he was impressed by that little girl. She was really deaf, but a really good actress who could always all her lines and everything. We talked about “Wer”, the convention in Rome (every time he mentioned the JIB con, he looked at me and asked me “Do you remember that?”). We also talked about politics in the US and France and voilà, there is serious Sebastian. But then he switched again and told us, that the last night while watching TV he saw all the commercials of the women, you can have fun with via telephone. He imitated them and counted the number in German, which was very funny. He also told us from the Supernatural set and that Jared nearly broke his back, when he tried to show Sebastian mixed martial arts. BTW: He wore the shirt of Balthazar (that’s what he said!). And then the coffee lounge ended. Too fast! I wanted more time!!!! Waaah! But on the other hand, the next panel was the Sebastian and Misha panel, so we were very excited about that. We ran back to our reserved seats, and shortly after we sat down, Sebastian came on stage. Misha came a little bit later. Sebastian was – like always – in a good mood, so he immediately started fooling around, also when Misha came on stage, and that was great. For me. And the others who like Sebastian. But I had the bad luck, that I sat next to some crazy Misha-girls, who didn’t like Sebastian. The called “Stop it!” and “Questions now!”, just to get Misha to talk. Because he sat there very quietly and was just smiling about Sebastian, who entertained the audience. But besides those stupid girls, I really enjoyed the panel. At the end Matt also joined in. One girl asked them, if there would be a Supernatural drinking game, how would it work. Matt answered, that if Sebastian was playing it, he had to take a piece of clothes of every time the girl has to drink. Misha suggested, that every time somebody comes back to life, or Sam and Dean are checking in in a new motel room, or every time they stare each other in the eyes, you have to drink.

After that panel I ran to the queue for the group photo ops, because I had to reshoot my Misha picture (he was looking in the wrong direction).

The afternoon program started with the panel of Matt and Carrie, which was absolutely awesome! Matt imitated Jensen with his lips and a deep voice and he made a video for his dad because it was Mother’s Day (he tweeted it). Carrie made all the time very funny noises like screaming very high or oink noises. During the panel Sebastian came by and said goodbye, because he had to leave very early to go back to Bucharest for working. After the panel I spent 3 hours in 2 queues to get 3 autographs of Mark Pellegrino, Mark Sheppard and Jim Beaver. The queue for Jim was soooo freaking long… he has taken much time for everyone and around 5 o’clock in the afternoon I finally got my “Klugscheißer” (=smartass) autograph from Jim. I had to hurry because they made a small closing ceremony in the panel room, which started when I got there.

And then the convention was ooooooover….. I wanna cry! Wahhhh! I said goodbye to all of the crazy and lovely people I met there, especially Stephanie, my better half from the weekend. I got into my car and drove home. Jason Manns was playing in my car radio. Crazy Love. Yes, crazy love for Supernatural.

Thanks so much to Anna for share this with us!!!


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