Interview from “The Official Supernatural Magazine” to Sebastian about Balthazar.

This is a transcript of the interview that “The Official Supernatural Magazine” did to Sebastian Roché after “My heart will go on” was filmming.

“Going Rogue”

Balthazar has been one of the most popular addition to “Supernatural” since his debut in “The third man”. His hedonism and offhand way with people have made for a huge contrast with Castiel, and Sebastian Roché’s charming performance as the roguish angel has been central to his appeal. “The Official Supernatural Magazine” talked to Roché soon after filmming “My heart will go on to get his take on the character…

Words : Nicholas Knight.


The Official Supernatural Magazine : A lot has happened with your character since your first episode. Back then you said that you didn’t think Balthazar was a bad guy, despite the fact that he’d been buying human souls with stolen heavenly weapons. Since then he’s taken some very questionable actions… so do you still think that Balthazar is a good guy?

Sebastian Roché : I don’t think Balthazar’s a bad guy. I truly think he’s a good guy. He has the capacity to change things that are permanent. And he cannot always change them. Also, he does help the boys, even though it pisses him off, because he’s doing something else [at the time], like he’s probably having a drink from a hundred year-old bottle of Segur Bordeaux or whatever. He lives his life on his own terms.

TOSM : Speaking of living your life on your own terms, we heard that before you got into acting, you lived on a sailboat for several years! What was that like?

SR : That was truly amazing. From the age or 12 to 18, I lived on a sailboat with my family. We used to live in France – my mom is scottish, my father’s french – and one day my father basically announced that we were leaving. That was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life : living on the sailing boat. We left from France and pretty much travelled the whole Mediterranean, the west coast of Africa, South America and Caribbean. We didn’t sail the Pacific. It was truly a life-affirming experience that set the bar for the rest of my life. And it really set the bar very high. It influence what kind of person I was going to be. It’s extremely important in my life to travel, see other cultures. I’m a free-spirited traveller.

TOSM : Since you enjoy travelling so much, if the opportunity presentd itself, would you travel back in time like Balthazar? And is so, would you change anything, like stopping the Titanic from sinking?

SR : I’d like to time travel! But what would I do? Oh, there are so many things. I would like to go back in time and meet my heroes : Aristotle, Plato, Shakespeare, Laurence Olivier when he was playing “Hamlet” at The Old Vic… those are the kinds of things I’d try to do, actually. But I don’t know if I’d like to change anything.

TOSM : That’s probably for the best, since, as theorized in “My heart will go on”, changing one event could case people you love to die, or never to be born!

SR : Yeah, so I’m not even going to go there…

TOSM : Balthazar had no problem going there, however. What did you think of his exploits in “My heart will go on”?

SR : The script for “My heart will go on” was hilarious! I was giggling when I read it. The dialogue was really funny. When the guys ask me “Why did you save the ship?” and I say “Because I hated the movie!” That was brilliant. I really had a blast doing it. It’s just brilliant to see how witty the writers are. I feel like they really get my sense of humor.

TOSM : Balthazar has definitely had some great dialogue. Do you have a favorite line?

SR : There are so many! Of course, from “My heart will go on”,[I loved] when Sam says, “Who’s Celine Dion?” and I say “Oh, she’s a destitute lounge singer somewhere in Quebec, and let’s keep it that way…” There’s also a line where I appear behind Fate with a sword and I’m about to kill her, Castiel stops me, and she turns around and I go, “Awkward” And she’s very stuck-up, so I say, “Before you go, darling, I can remove that stick from your ass” and she’s like, “Don’t try me” and I say, “Well, we’ll leave it inserted then. Goodbye! Let’s go sink the Titanic” The lines are brilliant. How can you not have fun with kinds of lines? I love that Balthazar has a great sense of humour!

TOSM : What’s been your favorite scene?

SR : Well, I loved doing that one in “My heart will go on” with Fate. And I really loved doin the one in “The french mistake” where I come in and I’m a little crazy, rushing around to get all the ingredients for the spell.

TOSM : As you’ve indicated, Balthazar enjoyed his carefree life, so were you surprised when you read the script for “The french mistake” and learned that Balthazar had given the heavenly weapons back and joined the war?

SR : Well, yeah, but no one is finished in store. Balthazar has a certain philosophy, but he also wants to help his brother angel. I think that one his back is against the wall, he will do anything to save Castiel. His will would be to be carefree, but he has to make a choice eventually; he does have to take sides. And I think he’s on the side of right, whatever that means.

TOSM : If you encountered an angel in real life, maybe even one like Balthazar, and they wanted to use you as a vessel, would you say yes?

SR : If they wanted to be in my body, I totally would love them to. If they wanted to posses me, why no? If they had amazing powers, like powers of persuasion and superhuman intellectual capacity, yes. It would be fun. I’m open for anything.

TOSM : Anything? What about travelling to a parallel universe, like the one on Fringe?

SR : On Fringe, I died! But there is a parallel universe, so you never know if I might come back. Check out season three of Fringe. I’m only in two episodes – two and four episode – but they’re really good episodes.

TOSM : While we’re on the topic, do you have any other recent projects that you’d like “Supernatural” fans to check out?

SR : I’m also going to be in a Syfy movie called “The blood of Pegasus”, so they can check that out.

TOSM : Of course, what we’re all hoping for is to see you more on “Supernatural”; do you think that’s likely?

SR : I’m up for anything. Bring it on!

TOSM : There you go again, saying you’re up for “anything”. Be careful what you wish for, because the “Supernatural” writers can defenitely come up with just about anything…

SR : I think they’re very inventive. The stories are brilliant and have a lot of humor. I really love it. I have a whale of time working on “Supernatural”.

TOSM : Have there been any challenges to working on “Supernatural”?

SR : Challenges? No, it’s always an absolute pleasure being on that set. It’s a lot of fun because Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are very funny people. Misha Collins too. We throw zingers at one another and have a good laughs. It’s really a lot of fun I have to admit. Of course, for that scene in “The french mistake” that I mentioned, it was crazy because I had to come in and use so many props. It wasn’t a challenge, per se, but it was a crazy scene. It was fun to do, actually. Balthazar was a little hyper… but there’s no real challenge. It’s been fun all the way.

TOSM : Obviously, you’ve had a lot of fun on “Supernatural”, which comes as no surprise to us, but is there anything else about working on “Supernatural” that you’d like to share with the fans?

SR : Apart from it being an absolute pleasure. I love the way my character turned out. It’s actually one of my favorite characters I’ve ever played. I can bring a lot of fun doing it, and I hope to be doing more next season. Fingers crossed.



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